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Tom Caune Spent Many Years Working In Private Investigations

October 22, 2015
Tom Caune spent many years working in either law enforcement or private investigations. Whether he was working as an active duty police officer or a corporate investigator, he took his responsibilities seriously and was constantly seeking to improve himself. He had more than thirty years of investigative experience that aided him in his later investigations.

At some point, Tom Caune decided to become a licensed lie detection examiner, figuring it would help him in the course of his work. It enabled him to become a more effective investigator, as he expected. Additionally, Tom Caune worked to obtain his security guard and patrol licenses in a number of different states, this is in addition to his Alarm license and P.I. License, both of which he has obtained him several states as well.
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Tom Caune is a law enforcement officer with over thirty years of experience in the field and has shown a consistent desire to better himself in order to provide for the people that depend on him. Whether it be specialized licensing or certifications, Tom Caune has shown his deep understanding of the responsibilities of the badge and the importance of doing his job to the best of his abilities.


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